About Us

The Foster family has built and managed construction-based businesses in Wisbech for the last 40 years. The family is actively involved in raising the profile of Wisbech in order to enhance the built environment, attract new businesses and enrich the lives of the population.

Foster Property Maintenance, one of our earliest ventures, was formed to service the growing need for reputable repairs, refurbishment and maintenance to primarily public housing stock. The business, based on our founding beliefs of localism, was successful and eventually sold by the family in 2013. The business is still based in Wisbech and continues to employ several hundred personnel.

Foster Property Developments was formed in 2005. This company’s aim was to acquire land and buildings (both commercial and residential) in order to enable us to build up a portfolio and grow and develop the business. This continues to be the aim of the family.

Foster Building Services Ltd (formerly named Foster Renewable Energies Ltd) was established in 2011 as we perceived a gap in the market for new environmentally-friendly technology, to sit alongside our property maintenance business to enable us to provide a complete solution for our clients. Foster Building Services has since grown and developed and now delivers a variety of heating installations in addition to electrical, plumbing and renewable services.